Supply voltage 
110 ÷ 240Vac ±10% 
Network frequency
2A rms max a 110Vac
Supply voltage 
50/60 Hz
Protection fuse 
220Watt max
Protection fuse
1 A T Vac 220V
Conductor cross-section of power cable 
1 mm2

The HELIOS-100 source is designed for X-ray applications with anodic voltage regulation range up to a maximum of 100kV. The device is characterized by its reduced dimensions with high conversion efficiency and an analogical digital interface, RS-232 and Ethernet, making integration easier.

The sophisticated “INVERTER” control circuit provides excellent regulation of the anodic voltage with low noise of the x-ray tube. The same regulates the filament power, reaching a high stability of the regulating power that contribute to the stability of the anodic current and therefore to the intensity of the x-ray flow.

The ARM processor performs the function of controlling the system with second level feedback, linearizing the read and write functions and carrying out the temperature controls, within the alarm and variables limits.


Constant output voltage 10 ÷ 80kV 
Output voltage resolution 0.1 kV
Accuracy ±0.5 %
Anodic voltage stability ±0.05%
Maximum output current 0.1 ÷1.5mA
Resolution on the current measurement 0.1mA
Output current accuracy ±1%
Output current stability ±0.05%
Resonance working frequency 30kHz
Max anodic power 100W  in continuous operation
Arc intervention 3 arches in 10 sec.
With shutdown within. 200ms
Max filament power 5A 20Watt
Work frequency 62kHz
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 40 °C
Relative humidity, non-condensing from 10% a 95% 
Internal oil temperature 55 °C 
Alarm threshold 60 °C Switch off
Cooling: Recirculated air