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Years of research and development towards solutions enabling an excellent use of technology, focused on radiological equipment and components for veterinary use and generators both for industrial and medical use.








I.P.S. MEDICAL has established strong academic cooperation with Professors of prestigious Italian Universities, by providing radiology material in order to develop applied research with the students. We are technical partners with the following Universities:

University Federico II of Naples (MVPA)

University of Padua (Dept. of Animal Medicine, Production and Health)

University of Milan (DIMEVET – Dept. of Veterinary Medicine)

University "Aldo Moro" of Bari (Dept. of Veterinary Science)

“I.P.S. ACADEMY” offers theoretical-practical courses focusing on radiological training about the new market technologies and the use of the equipment. It’s a project based on very interesting and actual themes. Highly specialized professors will teach how to cope with the most frequent clinical issues and will provide constant update on the x-ray world for small animals.

The purposes of IPS MEDICAL Academy are:

• theoretical and practical study of the radiography applied to the clinical analysis of small animals.
• learning the fundamental technical knowledge of radiology
• Teaching the methodology for the x-ray examination through theoretical courses and practical training using IPS MEDICAL x-ray systems.
The IPS MEDICAL Academy foresees an 8-hour course during the weekend with direct or mediated execution of radiological examinations under tutoring of expert teachers and instructors.
A maximum of 25 students per teacher is established. 8 hours per day are provided for each anatomic part.
Requirements for admission to the Academy:
Degree in Veterinary Medicine and professional qualification (enrollment Register).